Friday, December 3, 2010

ABP Ambi-Budd Presswerk

As was so often the case, American companies with interests in Germany had their output turn to Nazi service.

This was the case with the famous Budd Company of Philadelphia, PA, makers of press steel products, and most notably, rail cars. Their German division was Ambi-Budd Presswerk, makers of the original Jerry Cans for Nazi Germany. (AMBI = Arthur Müller Bauten und Industriewerke)

Paul Pleiss, the German-American manager of ABP, sent details of the new jerry can to US military officials, prior to the war.

The ABP plant was moved underground to protect it from bombings during the war:

The movable assets of AMBI-Budd, which found themselves in the new East Germany, were shipped off to the USSR as reparations. The US Budd company was also compensated for the loss of its assets.

The AMBI-Budd plant today
ABP Car Body logo

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